About us

So you may be wondering... "What the heck?!" or "But... why?!" It's okay, we get these questions ALL the time.

Ahhh Sugar Sugar was started in 2015, when the demands of bath time for my then 4 year old daughter became absolutely exhausting. I had to try ways to make bathing a fun activity, rather than a chore. (for the both of us, seriously...) But when the prices of bath bombs and fancy tub toys became too much for my nursing school budget, I thought-- Shit, I'm pretty crafty.. this is nothing a bottle of wine and my best friend can't help me tackle. 

So let's be honest, since that night we decided this would be a fun craft, right up until this morning when I started typing up these edits-- we've been making mistakes. And lots of them! We've been learning, growing, and evolving rapidly over the last year-- and we think that is what makes us pretty special. We've moved from my kitchen table, to the entire kitchen, to a 2-car garage, and now to a work shop-- all in a few year's time!

We've also locked down the help of our mysterious unicorn Theresia. She is a full-time Super Mom (yes, the ones that make you look bad), part-time Gourmet Baker (yes, edible cakes and cookies.. that are just as beautiful as our bath treats), and now full-time crafter here at Ahhh Sugar Sugar. Theresia has been in the family for years, but we are more than excited to have her here every day, helping craft your goodies!

It's no secret that Jenn (the previously mentioned bestie) and I, well see..we're a little weird, sometimes inappropriate, and often throw out some pretty far-fetched ideas-- but we love trying out new recipes, fragrances, and products-- so THANK YOU for letting us be "us", as quirky and random as we may be!

Bottom line-- thank you babies, for trusting in us, and continuing to show us your unrelenting support and encouragement as we take the necessary steps to improve and offer you the ultimate bathing experience! 

If there is ever anything you need, just shoot me an email at ahhhsugarsugar@yahoo.com.