SUGAR BABY Sponge [natural Dead Sea]

Regular price $6.00

Babies- we have searched HIGH and LOW to find the ultimate bath sponge to compliment our products..and let me TELLLL YOU!!


We think it is a must-have with any Sugar Free Frosting, Soft Soap [in a jar], Bubbly de Sugar Hand & Body Soap, glycerin Guest Soaps, and so many more.

Each natural Dead Sea sponge is sourced directly from the sea, providing a far more superior lathering and sudsing than any synthetic loofah. Just wet the sponge, add your suds of choice, lather, wash, and rinse! When you are finished washing with your Sugar Baby Sponge, just give her a squeeze-- she rings out perfectly to dry. 

See photos for a comparison of lather with and without the Dead Sea Sponge.

Each sponge is approximately 3"-4", and fits PERFECTLY in the palm of your hand.


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