Jacqueline Frost Sugar Scrub

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cool peppermint + warm vanilla + sugar cookie

This is our newly formulated sugar scrub, with added sudsy vegetable glycerin to give you the ultimate, spread-able sugar scrub. While we also still love our classic sugar scrubs, we think the new formula (with the consistency of damp, or slightly wet sand)  provide you with a medium exfoliation level with maximum moisturization. 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE (in a perfect world):

Start with a nice, warm shower.

Scoop out your desired amount of scrub. (We recommend using roughy 3-4 tablespoons for your entire body, but it's easier to work with about half of that at a time) 

Step out of the stream of water, and gently massage the sugar scrub in circulation motions over desired area. Take your time here, and allow the oils in the scrub to penetrate your skin, while the sugar buffs away dead cells. 

When you are ready to rinse, just step back into the stream of water. Use your hands to assist the water in rinsing off all of the sugar.

Pat dry with a towel-- don't rub off all of those good oils! Just dabbing yourself gently with a towel, and then air-drying the rest of the way is really the best way to go.

Now be careful babies- the oils and butters in our sugar scrubs can make surfaces (and feet) slippery! Enter and exit the tub or shower with caution. 

Sugar scrubs sold in 8oz glass jars.

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